There are critical things in marketing such as effectiveness and budgeting which are interrelated. With in-depth understanding of the industry and extensive collaberation with our value adding partners we are able to provide most professional and most cost-effective solutions for your marketing efforts.

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We have solid relationship with various mainstream industrial media. We have been acting as overseas business agent for quite a few of them. In many cases we provide quality service to fill up the gap between the local media and overseas clients in both the mindsets and communication manners.

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Based on our efficient platform we have successfully delivered various kinds of information and publications for our clients. No matter whether it is a corporate e-newsletter, an online publication, or printed material, our clients find the easiest and most effective way to publicize it might be the Bizpro channels.

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We are among the very few consultancy organizations in China who work by global vision as well as reliable, standardized professional approaches and thus are able to carry out truly professional industrial researches which are up to the international standards.

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  • We work from China with global reach and standards.
  • We provide professional, best-of-the-class and cost-effective service.


  • Our success comes from your success and satisfaction.
  • Our commitment is to exceed our promise made to you.

You Can Take Our Word

I am so happy to see so many of our clients have achieved their objectives with Bizpro services. We will keep up our spirit of professionalism and diligence to sustain and deepen the trust and synergy with our clients so as to help their business growth.

- Anna Wang, GM, Bizpro