We are pleased that we keep on receiving appreciations from our clients and partners as we grow with their growth. We stand side by side with our clients and are always ready to give them our best support. 

Anna Wang, Managing Partner

Founded in 2005, Bizpro Consulting has been recognized as one of the most professional market communication and consulting firms in China specialized in quite a few industries. We are committed to helping our clients develop their business by opening up new potentials and boosting new momentum with highly effective and the best-of-its-kind marketing deployment, our expertise, resources and dedication. While our clients come from both overseas and domestic, we endeavor to serve them with both insights of the local market and global vision.

We are highly specialized in areas such as digital marketing, professional support and sponsorship of events, market and media communication as well as consultancy. (Some of our focuses are listed for your quick reference. For more details please take a look at the Service page.)

We firmly believe that business is becoming more and more "marketing driven". This is a crucial part of our motivation that inspires us to be so committed to our clients’ success. It’s so clear to us that only when they succeed, could we succeed.

We strongly recommend you to check out what we can do for you, and, whenever you need help in or from China, don't hesitate to reach out to us.

KEY WORDS: Lead generation and conversion by closed-loop, inbound and outbound marketing. New media, CGM and mobile marketing. Data analyzing. Individualization. BMI. Details can be checked out here.

KEY WORDS: Booth and venue booking, design and setup. Promotion. Invitation. Hospitality. Lead generation. Staffing. Translation. Logistics. Details can be checked out here.

KEY WORDS: Content generation and deployment. Ad placement. Media and stakeholder engagement and involvement. Content marketing enhancement. Details can be checked out here.

KEY WORDS: Market research and survey. Report. Market data and update. Expertise, insights and resources. Connection. Details can be checked out here.